Calligrapher: Mir ‘Ali recto: Rosette Bearing the Name and Titles of the Emperor Shah Jahan

Mughal period (1526-1858)

Ink, colors, and gold on paper

The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

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Medieval religion section of the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin art museum

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Glaucus atlanticus, the blue dragon (also called sea swallow and blue angel), is a species of small-sized blue sea slug. This tiny animal spends its life floating upside-down on the surface of the Pacific, Atlantic, or Indian Ocean thanks to an air bubble which it swallows and keeps inside its belly, going wherever the currents and the wind take it.

This cute-looking creature is actually an aggressive predator that feeds on organisms much larger than itself, including the most venomous ones. It also can give you a poison sting when picking one up barehanded.

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Francisco Goya - The Follies: Where There’s a Will There’s a Way (ca. 1816-24)

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Joel Sternfeld
Wet’n Wild Aquatic Theme Park,
Orlando, Florida, September 1980

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Fragment of the face of a queen, yellow jasper, c. 1353–1336 B.C. Middle Egypt

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The photographer Gaston Lacombe offers a look at the thriving population of Adélie penguins during the summer in Antarctica:

Photograph by Gaston Lacombe.


Colored rock formations near Anstruther, Scotland [3,000 x 4,000] [OC] via /r/EarthPorn

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Shiva Tripuravijaya, Meenakshi Devi temple,Madurai

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art history meme • [4/5] movements/centuries

ancient islamic art + architecture

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